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    Zhongning, Impression of Origin of Wolfberry in the World
    About Company
    From Nature, Respect Science
    Ningxia Red Power Goji Co., Ltd. was established in Ningxia in the heart of China's goji growing region in August. 2007.Goji berries originated on this high plateau in the upper reaches of the Yellow River Valley, and it is still the only place in the world where you get the perfect climate, the deep mineral-rich soils, and abundant irrigation from the waters flowing from the Himalayan Plateau and the Helan Mountains.  We have built the world's most advanced goji products production facility just 30 minutes from our growers' goji fields so we can preserve 100% of the Power of Nature in all our products.
    Wolfberry Health
    Lycium barbarum L. has obvious hypolipidemic function.
    News Information
    Huabao has established a long-term strategic cooperative relationship


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